Adnan Haskovic starring Dangerous Kidnapper in the Danish series “Under the Surface”

haskovicBH actor Adnan Haskovic is starring in a new TV series “Under the surface” by Danish production. The series will be premiered on Channel 5 of Discovery Networks in Denmark.

Haskovic is starring a dangerous armed kidnapper. He was preparing for the role for a long time, and he is in Denmark since the beginning of September, when the first reading of the script took place.

The series should be broadcasted in spring next year, and several countries already expressed their interest in it. It is a psychological thriller written and directed by Kasper Barfoed. The story talks about the hostage crisis in the heart of Copenhagen.

“There’s something scary and fascinating in the hostage crisis as a crime. The narrow and complex relationship between the hostages and the kidnappers is the focus of the story, as well as some very current issues that cause debates in our society at the time, and that is the fear of terrorism,” said Adam Price, executive producer.

One rainy morning fifteen Danish people got kidnapped in the subway. Unknown men is holding them captive by threatening to liquidate them one by one. The series has eight parts.

Take a look at the video.


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