After Months of Blockade: The Council of Ministers of BiH unanimously accepted all yesterday’s Decisions

Yesterday, the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) adopted all decisions unanimously, with the participation of all ministers.

At the proposal of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations, a Decision was made on the temporary suspension and temporary reduction of customs rates on imports of certain goods until December 31st, 2022.

“The Council of Ministers adopts this temporary measure annually in accordance with the Law on Customs Tariff, with the aim of supporting the domestic economy, its more competitive and favorable operations, retaining existing jobs and new employment, which is even more important during the Covid-19 pandemic,” it was announced from the Council of Ministers.

This year’s decision covers 63 tariff codes in the sectors of textile, footwear, chemical, metal, food, and graphic industries, as well as the electrical industry. The goods covered by this decision are materials that are considered raw materials, becausethey are used by BiH producers in their own production for the production of finished products, in the production of products for export, or are substitutes for imported products, which cannot be obtained on the domestic market in the quantities and quality required for the production of finished products.

The Decision on determining the Customs Tariff for 2022 was also passed.

It is important to mention that the Initiative of the Ministry of Finance and Treasury was adopted and a delegation was appointed to conduct negotiations to conclude a loan agreement between BiH and the OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID), to finance the construction of the highway on Corridor 5c, section Vranduk – Ponirak.

The amount of the loan for the construction of the 5.3 km long Vranduk – Ponirak subsection, which is an integral part of the Nemila – Donja Gracanica section, is 25m euros and will be allocated to the Federation of BiH (FBiH).

The loan repayment period is 14 years, with a four-year grace period.


The Council of Ministers of BiH has determined two proposals for grant agreements (Corridor 5c2 project in FBiH – part 3 – subsection Poprikuse – Nemila and tunnel Ivan) between BiH and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development related to investment grants from the program.

European Joint Fund for the Western Balkans. The value of thegrant for the Poprikuse – Nemila sub-section is EUR 36.074.000, while the grant for the Ivan tunnel is worth EUR 9.180.000. These grants will finance parts of the project, namely the construction of a section of the highway of about 5.1 km between Nemila and Poprikuse, and the construction of about 2 km of the tunnel Ivan on the highway according to international standards.

Grants will be allocated to the FBiH, and projects will be implemented by Public Utility Autoceste FBiH. Proposals for individual grant agreements with the basis for their conclusion will be submitted to the Presidency of BiH, and the Minister of Finance and Treasury of BiH was proposed as BiH signatory.


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