The Petition for the Introduction of new Technologies in the election Process was signed by 10.000 Citizens

The Coalition for Free and Fair Elections “Pod lupom” (”Under the Magnifier”) on Wednesday launched a campaign to introduce new technologies in the electoral process in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) in more than 70 BiH cities and municipalities. The petition for the prevention of election theft and fraud on election day, by introducing electronic identification of voters and machines for scanning ballots, was signed by 10.000 citizens in 24 hours.

They remind that more than 60 civil society organizations from all over BiH will go out to the streets by December 22nd to get the support of citizens to improve the election process. The petition can also be signed via the online form.

The statement said ballot-scanning machines would prevent electoral fraud, which is reflected in changes in voting results by canceling votes for political opponents, voting instead of non-voters, or adding personal votes.

Electronic voter identification would prevent abuses related to the identity of the voter who goes to the elections, such as voting on behalf of another person, multiple voting, and misuse of voting after polling stations close.

In addition, as it was announced, it would be possible to monitor the turnout in real-time and have the election results immediately after the closing of polling stations.



Source: BHRT

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