Begic: EU must take action against Varhelyi for his misuse of Public Office

An MP of the Democratic Front (DF) in the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina Zlatan Begic spoke on the occasion of released information related to the deal made between EU Enlargement Commissioner Oliver Varhelyi and the RS entity authorities on holding a special session of the RS National Assembly at which a number of conclusions were passed that undermine the constitutional order of Bosnia and Herzegovina with the aim of secession of that part of the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“The information that has emerged in the media indicate that after this action of EU Enlargement Commissioner Oliver Varhelyi, it will be much more difficult for him to talk to official representatives of democratic institutions in BiH operating within the rule of law because Varhelyi is obviously involved in hostile activities against our country and its citizens.

He has misused the function entrusted to him. Such misuse of office endangers peace and stability, contributes to the introduction of anarchy and fear.

I call on the EU institutions to take measures within their competencies against the person in question because of his actions, which violate the rule of law, the BiH Constitution and the Dayton Peace Agreement.

Oliver Varhelyi and Johan Stattler lost the trust of the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina with their servile response to the destructive policies of Milorad Dodik,” stressed Begic in his address.

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