Conference on the reform of FBiH Constitution on 14 and 15 May in Sarajevo

ekspertna_grupaConference on the reform of FBIH Constitution will be held on 14 and 15 May in Sarajevo, said to Fena member of the Expert group for preparation of proposals for FBiH Constitutional changes Mirjana Nadaždin-Defterdarević.

On the first day of the conference there talks with representatives of FBiH Government will be held and on 15 May, results of the work of expert group will be presented.

As planned, ambassador of the USA to BIH Patrick Moon and Chief of the EU Delegation to BiH and Special Representative of the EU, ambassador Peter Sorensen will attend both the opening ceremony and plenary session, after which the conference will work in working groups.

Representatives of NGOs, international community and public authority will also attend the conference.

The conference will be the opportunity to present all recommendations made by the Expert group, and to hear remarks of participants.

It is also planned that members of the Expert group meet after the conference in order to put suggestions from the conference into the final version of suggestion, which will, after that be available to public.

The US Ambassador has been engaged in the formation of the Expert group for preparation of suggestions for FBIH Constitutional changes, and this group of experts has the support of the US Embassy and USAID, and it was formed in order to analyse the existing constitutional solutions, to detect flaws and to make recommendations for the reform of constitution of FBiH.

Apart from Nadeždin-Defterdarević, expert group members are lawyer Krešimir Zubak, university professors Kasim Trnka and Mile Lasić, and civic activist Vehid Šehić.


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