After Pipes were closed: Natural Gas quantities available for Sarajevo for only one more Day


If gas consumption remains at yesterday’s and today’s levels, it is estimated that natural gas quantities available to Sarajevogas will be sufficient during the next day, the company stated in the press relase.

We would like to remind you that yesterday at 8 o’clock the gas transport to the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Sarajevo was stopped at the Zvornik plant of Gas Promet company.

The companys point out that Sarajevogas is not a natural gas importer in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and that the existing problem with gas supply is caused by unresolved issues between BH-Gas doo Sarajevo and the natural gas transporter in Republika Srpska.

“In order to protect consumers in Sarajevo Canton, we urge the relevant companies and  entity ministries to resolve the problems as a matter of urgency so as not to jeopardize the regular supply of natural gas to the citizens of the Sarajevo Canton, especially before the start of the heating season,” was stated.

Finally, they hope that an orderly supply of natural gas will be established soon in the Sarajevo Canton.

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