After Strict Controls, Caterers reported Twelve Million BAM more Taxes

In March and April 2019, taxpayers in BiH engaged in catering business reported 12 million BAM more taxes than in the same period last year.

In 140 controls, the tax threshold has been exceeded and the registration procedures are initiated in the VAT system. In the same period, 82 taxpayers engaged in the catering business carried out voluntary registration into the VAT system.

These are the first results of the controls announced at the beginning of April this year, and are still being conducted by the Indirect Taxation Authority (ITA).

After the ITA called in early April all the caterers who are in the VAT system to control their previously submitted VAT receipts and verify that they have filed and paid all their obligations under the law, more revised entries than in the whole 2018 was submitted in only 2 months.

In modified VAT receipts, caterers have largely increased the amount of their VAT payment obligations. Announcement of extensive control of catering resulted in significantly higher turnover reported by taxpayers themselves in the VAT application for the month of March, which was submitted until 10 April 2019.

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