After the Fire, “Krivaja” Company must continue with the Work

fireEven though Monday represents the first working day of the week for many people, in the factory of prefabricated houses “Krivaja” which was employing more than 200 workers until a few days ago, can be seen dilemma. Management and employees are desperate. Bitterness and sadness can be seen on their faces. What to do next? What should be done after all? No one knows that, and during the day the radioactive lightning rod from the roof should be removed and allow the continuation of the investigation process, said the CEO of “Krivaja” Ismet Mujanović.

“It is difficult to say how should we proceed in such a short time, we have some general plans and we want to continue with the production in any form. We are working on it, but the question now is where to continue, whether or not we will have the resources. We are facing with puzzle that should be realized one by one, and make a decision as soon as possible,” said Mujanović.

Quality of houses from “Krivaja” has been recognized abroad as well, and they were exported on the European and the World market, so that as many as 95 houses was going outside of the borders of B&H.

Flames devoured a total of 5 completed houses which already had customers on these markets, and whose value was estimated on 1 million BAM. Also, the management had contracted works until the end of this year. With fire, everything has stopped, and “Krivaja,” as many other B&H companies, was not able to pay insurance on all of their properties.

Mujanović said that the properties were partially insured and that these were mostly old buildings, which served them, and from which they do not expect repaying of large funds.

“We hope that we will get some of the funds from insurance. It will not be enough for sure, but it will be an initial capsule for starting some production,” said Mujanović, explaining that with the help of loans they introduced energy efficiency in all of their facilities, and they bought new machines. “Now all of them should be paid, we must go on,” he concluded.


(Source: akta.ba)

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