Road to Buca Potok: Construction of the Second Roundabout started

roundabout OtokaWorks on the road from Otoka to Buca Potok in Sarajevo are near to the end of the first phase that included the reconstruction of the street Alije Kucukalica and the reconstruction of the intersection into an intersection with the roundabout.

“Works on the roundabout at the intersection of streets Alije Kucukalica and Dzemala Bijedica (VI transversal) are in the final stage. Reconstruction of the existing intersection into an intersection with the roundabout was done, work on the replacement of the pavement were done, laying of the final layer of asphalt, horizontal and vertical signalization and the relocation of electrical installations“, as said from the Road Directorate of Canton Sarajevo.

Remaining works are works in asphalting the pedestrian trails and installment of the street lighting columns that will be completed until the end of the week.

Also, works on the roundabout 350 meters norther, on the intersection of streets Safeta Zajke, Dzemala Bijedica and Tuzlanska, started.

“Contractor was introduced to works on Friday, 28th August, and currently preparatory works are in progress such as removing pavements and pedestrian trails, removing of humus etc. In the further period, it is planned to remove the existing traffic lights anf to form the new regime of traffic, and to relocate the installations“, as explained from the Directorate.

Contractor is Euro-asfalt, and the completion of works is planned for November 2015. Investors are the Road Directorate of Canton Sarajevo and the Municipality Novi Grad, The total worth of the project amounts to 900.000 BAM, out of which he Road Directorate of Canton Sarajevo will allocate 700.000 BAM and the Municipality 200.000 BAM.


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