How much will FC Sarajevo get for Suljic’s Transfer to Videoton?

Asmir Suljic Transfer sport.baFC Sarajevo is to receive 75.000 EUR for the transfer of the BH football player Asmir Suljic from Újpest to Videoton.

Last Friday, the former player of FC Sarajevo Asmir Suljic signed a three-year contract with the Hungarian FC Videoton, after he successfully performed for Újpest FC.

Several clubs were interested in Suljic this summer, but the most concrete was the FC Videoton that paid a compensation for the amazing BH football player amounting to nearly 500.000 EUR, which was one of the most expensive transfers in Hungary.

FC Sarajevo, for which Suljic played from 2010 until 2013, is also to get a piece of cake – particularly the amount of 75.000 EUR. Suljic played 77 matches and scored 11 goals for the Bordeaux team. For Újpest FC, Suljic recorded 50 performances and four goals.


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