After the Inspection, Thousands of People had to leave the Autopijaca at Stup

The sanitary inspectors of the Cantonal Administration for Inspection Affairs of Canton Sarajevo (CS) yesterday afternoon started targeted inspections at the market Autopijaca Stup, where thousands of people were found at the time of control, without any respect for sanitary-epidemiological measures.

To ensure the conditions prescribed by the Order, which prohibits the gathering of more than 30 people in a public place, the assistance of police officers of the CS Ministry of the Interior was requested, who provided several police patrols of the Police Department of Novi Grad.

Besides, the supervisor of the company City Park d.d., who manages the market, was instructed to inform buyers and sellers to leave the market area, in order to ensure conditions under the determined measures.

In the presence of cantonal inspectors, within an hour, the market area was completely emptied, and in the meantime, a report was made with the authorized company representative, which ordered, urgently executed, and established sanitary-epidemiological measures, with the issuance of misdemeanor sanctions prescribed by the Law on the protection of the population from infectious diseases.

“Autopijaca, as well as other places of potential public gatherings, will remain under the official supervision of cantonal inspectors, so that public gatherings, which are assessed as the highest risk for spreading the infection, could be prevented during the most complex epidemiological situation in CS,” said the Cantonal Administration for CS inspection affairs.

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