Agreement on Legal Assistance between B&H and Italy: more efficient Fight against Organized Crime

B&H-Italy Legal Assistance klix.ba

The Minister of Justice of B&H Josip Grubeša and the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Italy Andrea Orlando signed yesterday in Rome a bilateral agreement along with the European Convention on Extradition, which significantly enhances the mutual legal assistance between the two countries, especially in extradition procedures and the execution of the sentences.

The contract foresees the possibility of extradition of each country’s citizens for the purposes of criminal proceedings for organized crime, corruption and money laundering.

In this way perpetrators of criminal acts who avoid their sentence by emigrating to foreign countries, may be extradited to the country where the proceedings are being conducted, regardless of their citizenship. The Terms of the Contract do not relate to the criminal acts of war crimes or other acts against humanity and international humanitarian law.

As the existing European Convention on extradition does not include all the institutes in the field of mutual legal assistance, especially in extradition of own nationals, the application of the contract signed yesterday will certainly prevent further impunity of the perpetrators of crimes.

“This is an important indicator of the readiness of the Ministry of Justice of B&H to fight against all forms of organized crime, narcotics trade, terrorism and money laundering. This is very important for B&H, especially in light of the recent adoption of amendments to the Criminal Code of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which was recognized by the most prominent international body for the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing FATF”, it was announced from the Ministry of Justice.

(Source: klix.ba)

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