Air in Sarajevo polluted again!

Today, again, alarms on air quality monitoring systems were on, showing that the degree of air contamination is very dangerous to the health of the population.

According to measurements in the morning, the air pollution index in the capital of BiH amounts to 185 AQI, which is considered a very serious threat to health of people living in Sarajevo.

According to information from the Federal Meteorological Institute, the most polluted air measured was in the Sarajevo Otoka settlement where the PM10 particle presence index was 542.

On the second place, after Otoka settlement, there is Ilidza municipality with a PM10 particles of 527.  When it comes to Sarajevo Canton, the most alarming situation is in the municipality of Ilijas where the PM10 particle concentration measured was 602.

In Zenica-Doboj Canton there is an enormous amount of sulfur oxide in the air, and the most critical condition is in the Brist settlement. According to the previously published guidelines of the Public Health Institute of Canton Sarajevo, vulnerable groups of people, including pregnant women, older people and children, are recommended to reduce physical activity in the open during the presence of high concentrations of harmful substances in the air.

According to the synoptic indicators, no significant improvement in the quality of air is expected during the day tomorrow.

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