All Bosnian Citizens stay in Quarantine Tents upon Arrival at the Border


Citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina who were on temporary work or study in Austria arrived at the Izacic Border Crossing at Bihac early on Thursday morning.

It is confirmed that 45 persons are currently being quarantined near the border checkpoint and all medical examinations were completed. The cantonal Red Cross organization provided blankets and food, while tents, toilets and a toilet were previously prepared by the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Federal Civil Protection Administration.

“At the Izacic Border Crossing, all 45 persons currently in tent quarantine were examined. Among them are 17 citizens from the Una-Sana Canton, and they are likely to be transported to a detention facility in Medresa “Dzemaludin ef. Causevic” in Cazin as soon as they receive approvals and instructions from the Federal Civil Protection Administration, is stated by the Una Sana Civil Protection Staff.

It was also pointed out that citizens from other parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina are likely to be transported to cantonal detention centers.


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