All Cancer Cells in Small Boy Mak Hasic are completely destroyed!

Beautiful news comes from Istanbul!

As the humanitarian organization “Pomozi.ba” announced, PET CT has shown that all cancer cells in seven-year-old Mak Hasic are completely destroyed.

Mak continues the treatment and will be under the full monitoring of experts from that area, but what he tried to do in the first stage was successfully completed at the Medical Park in Istanbul.

Also, treatment is resumed, and Mak is currently on home treatment.

The boy was diagnosed with Burkitt’s lymph, which is the fourth stage. It is a tumor that literally doubles in 24 hours.

Mak immediately started with chemotherapy, and treatment continues abroad, for which large financial resources are needed.

In addition to calling 17007, there are PayPal donation options, payment on domestic and INO accounts as well as payments to organization’s account in Austria.

PayPal: paypal1@pomozi.ba

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