All Citizens of BiH can be vaccinated in Croatia, regardless of Citizenship

On Friday, the Government of the Republic of Croatia allowedforeign citizens to be vaccinated against coronavirus free of charge, as the Minister of Health, Vili Beros confirmed. Naturally, this decision also applies to Bosnians and Herzegovinians.

After the session, Beros explained when the decision on free vaccination is valid: “This means that Croatian citizens, including those who do not have health insurance, as well asforeign citizens can be vaccinated in Croatia.”

Details have not yet been given on where foreign nationals can be vaccinated, or whether they can come to any vaccination point without a reservation.

The reason for the decision of the Government of Croatia to vaccinate foreign citizens is that immunization in this country is not going exactly as planned. More precisely, in total, they bought and received approximately 4.000.000 vaccines, of which slightly less than 3.000.000 were consumed, ie only 46 percent of the population was vaccinated with the first dose. Croats now have 1.000.000 surplus vaccines that they have to spend, given that their expiration date will pass soon.

First, the Croats agreed on several donations, of which 240.000 doses of Moderna were for Bosnia and Herzegovina, but then they realized that the best way was the “Serbian” one, which was to open their vaccination points to foreigners as well, klix.ba writes.

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