All Public Gatherings and Work of Catering Facilities suspended in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Entity


After a long meeting of the Federal Civil Protection Administration (FUCZ) and after the declaration of the state of the accident caused by the appearance of coronavirus in Bosnia and Herzegovina – a number of measures were made which are binding on all governments in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, N1 News Portal reports.

FUCZ Director, Fahrudin Solak, said that it was decided to forbid to perform any kind of public gathering, the operation of cafes, bars, restaurants, service facilities. Also, the work of cultural institutions, such as cinemas, theaters, museums, galleries and the like, is suspended. Exemptions are food delivery facilities, as well as soup kitchens – with respect to epidemiological standards.

“This is the first set of measures. We may expand them further. Other facilities will come in order,” said Fahrudin Solak, director of FUCZ.

“The measures are difficult. We have had meetings with farmers, employers. This is all in the service of protecting people,” Solak said. Concerning the shutdown of catering and cultural facilities – the measures take effect from 06:00 on March 18th.



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