Although BiH is at the top of the Countries in terms of Mortality, Covid Passes are not yet being discussed

The epidemiological situation is still not calming down. Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) is at the very top of the countries that lead in the number of deaths from covid-19. Many international countries have introduced covid passes. But, this is not being discussed in our country yet.

Most of the citizens of Republika Srpska (RS) think that we desperately need covid passes.

The University Clinical Center (UCC) agrees – covid passes would certainly motivate citizens to get vaccinated.

“Maybe they would make people get vaccinated and adhere to the measures, and it has certainly been proven in many countries that covid passes reduce a large number of diseases,” said Vlado Djajic, director of the Banja Luka UCC.

”Citizens who got the first two doses of the vaccine understand the meaning of vaccination, ” according to the RS Institute of Public Health.

“I must point out that there is little interest from those who have not been vaccinated so far, that only a few hundred people get the first dose of the covid-19 vaccine in the entire RS in one day. So that is just a minimum. We are making little progress, “explained Jela Acimovic, an epidemiologist at the RS Institute of Public Health.

In order not to introduce more rigorous measures, the profession warns and appeals that citizens be vaccinated and that the first and second dose of the vaccine is a priority for now.


Source: Federalna

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