Ambassador Hrle talking about US Policy towards BiH

haris_hrle”The recognition of BiH by the United States marked the confirmation of Bosnian statehood and represented a reference in which direction the policy of the United States will move, which is the direction of protection of sovereignty, territorial integrity, and development of democratic society,” said Ambassador of BiH in Washington Haris Hrle on the occasion of the 25th anniversary since the United States recognized the independence of BiH.

Ambassador Hrle recalled that through the history, BiH has been the backbone of pluralism, the central meeting place for religion, place of heresy and place of discipline, the center that is touched by the influence of the Mediterranean and the Danube, the Alps and Pannonia, the accepting point for exiled and vulnerable people.

Ambassador of BiH emphasized that during the past 25 years, BiH overcame some difficult times but the goal was always clear – permanent confirmation of the integrity of the country, meeting with others and checking of its own values in pluralistic BiH that always reflected in the real-time and the real world.

“Bosnian Americans, as are colloquially called our citizens who have found asylum in the United States, significantly contributed to the development of bilateral relations and a better understanding of BiH. Now that they have two homelands – that they love, feel and support, they represent a guarantee of protection of truthfulness and cultural closeness,” said Ambassador Hrle.

The Embassy dedicated this year to the celebration of 25th anniversary of recognition with concert of Amira Medunjanin in Washington in the presence of the diplomatic corps and representatives of the State Department back in February, and the ceremony was continued in Seattle, Atlanta, Boston, St. Louis, Richmond, throughout the entire United States.

“Every person wants recognition, and the same thing is with the states, they also want recognition. We have the recognition, today is its modern anniversary. The flag of BiH is proudly standing in the central part of Washington, right next to the building of the State Department. The Embassy wants to remind and congratulate this anniversary and confirm commitment to the continued development of great bilateral relations between the two countries,” said Ambassador Hrle in Washington on the occasion of 25th anniversary of the recognition of the independence of BiH by the United States.

The United States of America recognized the independence of BiH on the 7th of April 1992.

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