Ambassador Nelson: This is not an ordinary Military Exercise, but the largest that the U.S. has had in BiH

The soldiers from the United States (U.S.) who arrived at the Sarajevo International Airport yesterday to take part in the “Quick Response 21” exercise were greeted by the ambassador of that country to Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), Eric Nelson.

Nelson told that this is not an ordinary exercise but an important training for the military forces of the U.S. and BiH.

“You are following the footsteps of tens of thousands of American soldiers who served to establish peace after 1996 after the signing of the Dayton Agreement,” he said, recalling the various stages in the military cooperation between these two countries.

As Nelson said, “Quick Response 21” is the largest exercise that the U.S. military has ever had in our country and that it is of great importance at this moment.

“The U.S. continues to support peace and stability in BiH. This is an exceptional opportunity for a military exercise, where the U.S. military will work jointly with the Armed Forces of BiH on readiness,” as he stated.

Exercise “Quick Answer 21” is planned to take place from May 17th to June 2nd. It will be led by the U.S. Army Europe and Africa Command (USUCOM) and is part of major military maneuvers taking place across the Old Continent this year, intending to practice Europe’s defense, deterring possible aggression, as well as maintaining peace anywhere in the world.

About 500 members of the Armed Forces of BiH and 700 soldiers from the U.S. will participate in this bilateral exercise, Klix.ba writes.


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