Ambassadors of US, Sweden, Spain and Italy Planted Lindens in Alley of Ambassadors

aleja_ambasadoraThe Ambassadors of the US, Sweden, Spain and Italy to BiH planed lindens in the alley of Ambassadors, joining a list of 114 senior officials who in this way left their mark in BiH in the last few years.

US Ambassador Patrick Moon, Swedish Ambassador Bosse Hedberg, Spanish Ambassador Maria Aurora Mejia Errasquin, and Italian Ambassador Raimonda de Cardona planted the linden trees.

The Ambassadors were greeted by a delegation of the Stari Grad municipality led by Mayor Ibrahim Hadžibajrić and the Chairman of the Municipal Council Vedran Dodik. The first linden was planted by US Ambassador Patrick Moon, who was accompanied by his daughter Anye, announced the Stari Grad municipality.

“It is an honor to be in the company of nine other US high officials who were here before me to plant a tree’’, said Moon.

Thanking Mayor Hadžibajrić and Chairman Dodik for the opportunity to take part in this tradition, Moon said that this act is a sign of commitment of the international community to support and help BiH.

“I can only repeat what I always say, that the US is committed to BiH. We are here to stay long-term and we are proud of what we have done and I hope that there is still more we can do to help the citizens of BiH’’, added Moon.

The Ambassador of Sweden Bosse Hedberg, after a five-year mandate in our country, will next serve as Ambassador to Iceland.

“From BiH I will take with me memories of the beautiful people and the beautiful nature of this country, and I hope that my tree would contribute to increasing the greenery here’’, said Hedberg.

The Ambassador of Spain Maria Aurora Mejia Errasquin was today the first woman in the accompaniment of Ambassadors, and is in Sarajevo for one year already. Recalling the verses from the poet Hose Martin, who said that you cannot die without writing a book, plant a tree and have a child, the Ambassador said that this is the first tree that she is planting.

“I am happy that I am planting my first tree in Sarajevo. I have been living here for one year and I am feeling more at home here. I am happy that the Embassy and the residence of the Spanish Embassy is located in Stari Grad because this is the most beautiful part of Sarajevo’’, said the Ambassador.

The Italian Ambassador to BIH Raimondo de Cardona expressed the satisfaction of participating in this project.

“This is a country full of beauty and when I look at all this nature, one linden tree is nothing in comparison to all the forestland, but I hope that it will grow and fully bloom, just like I genuinely hope that BIH will grow and bloom in the future’’, said Cordona.

The Alley of Ambassadors today has 118 linden trees, and the tradition began in 2011.

“Today we gathered four Ambassadors because we wish to continue this tradition’’, said Mayor Hadžibajrić to journalists and members of the delegation. He said that the tradition would continue to nurture and that Ambassadors of all countries accredited in BiH will plant linden trees, announced the Press Office of Stari Grad municipality.

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