Amel Tuka broke Record on 800 meters

Amel Tuka EPAYesterday, the last athletics meeting of indoor athletics was held in Birmingham.

It brought together athletes won medals in their disciplines at major competitions last years. Among others, there was a Bosnian representative, the best athlete, Amel Tuka.

After breaking record at 400 and 800 meters in the hall, Tuka improved his record in the 800 meters as well.

He finished the race on a second place with a time of 1: 46.59. The winner was the American Casimir Loxsom with a time of 1: 46.12, and third place was taken by the British Kyle Langford with a time of 1: 46.79.

The result achieved by Amel Tuka is currently fourth in the world and third in Europe. Before the performance at the European Championship in the hall, Tuka will perform at the Balkan Championship, which is to be held the following weekend in Belgrade.

(Source: klix)

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