Amendment to the Law on Electricity – deliberate Destruction of Elektroprivreda BiH

If the amendment to the Law on Electricity of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) adopted in the FBiH House of Peoples with amendments is approved in the FBiH House of Representatives, the amendments will be completely unenforceable and will not solve the problem due to legal ambiguities that are part of it.

According to a statement from Elektroprivreda BiH, the implementation of the amendment to the Law with amendments for the Public Utility Elektroprivreda BiH means a loss of 85 million next year, which is why it will not be possible to fulfill the obligations of the Agreement reached with the Independent Trade Union of Miners in FBiH to increase coal prices by 20 percent.

Implementation of the amendment to the Law with the submitted amendments would mean a direct threat to the financing of the planned investment projects, primarily the construction of new production capacities and revitalization and modernization of existing ones, which are necessary to ensure own electricity production and supply end customers for a longer period.

The amendment to the Law on Electricity adopted in the House of Peoples of FBiH with amendments, means the deliberate destruction of Elektroprivreda BiH, the most important business entity in the state of BiH whose functioning and business are of particular importance for sustainable integrity and stability of the electric power system, economic development and health, ” it was noted in the statement from the Elektroprivreda BiH.

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