American Commentator in Shock: These Guys do not give up, what a Victory for Bosnia! (Video)

B&H-Israel Eurobasket 2015 sportprimus.baThe basketball national team of B&H achieved the first victory at the European Championships in France. In the meeting of the third round of A Group, the BH basketball players won the selection of Israel with the score of 86:84, after the overtime (16:29, 19:16, 25:15, 15:15, 11:9).

Thanks to the great twist in the finish of the third quarter, the team chosen by the coach Dusko Ivanovic managed to win against Israel, which was in high advantage since the beginning.

The commentator Edin Avdic, who saw all this in an interesting way, had his moments.

However, Kikanovic’s three-pointer did not drive only Avdic crazy. The American commentators of Eurobasket were also screaming.

“B&H tied, can you believe it, I am speechless. The greatest shot of his career, Kikanovic scores”, they added in shock.

Watch the video.

(Source: photo sportprimus)


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