BH Challenge on Facebook: Nominate, buy and support domestic Products

Kupuj Domace Challenge nap.baThe new challenge which aims at presenting, supporting and purchase of domestic products was initiated on Facebook, one of the largest social networks.

Prominent BH businessmen, sportsmen, journalists, actors, politicians etc. have ceded themselves to the challenge, nominating the BH product as well as their friends for this unique BH challenge.

Rusmir Hrvic, the Director of the Sarajevo company Klas, which is in the division of the AS Group, responded to the challenge and wrote on his Facebook page that it is very important to publicly support domestic production and quality domestic brands every day by buying, and in this way as well.

For the continuation of the challenge, Hrvic nominated Enis Beslagic, Adis Hasakovic, Hasko Idriz, Edina Latif, Adnan Jasarspahic, Elvir Svrakic, Semsudin Mehmedovic, Jasmin Imamovic, Vedad Ibisevic…


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