Political Parties in BiH Owe Millions of BAM of Taxes, Salaries

As of the end of last year, political parties in Bosnia and Herzegovina owed millions of BAM to suppliers, media, marketing agencies, but also on the basis of taxes, contributions, salaries and utilities. Judging by the reports of political parties submitted to the Central Election Commission of BiH, the Party of Democratic Action owed the most, 1.6 million BAM, and only the headquarters of this party owes its employees 409,000 BAM on the basis of salaries, while on the basis of employment contracts it has liabilities of 130,000 BAM.

A significant debt of this party is also towards the city of Mostar, 117,000 BAM, then the company “TP markets” and 51,000 BAM, while JP “Post” owes 37,789 BAM.

The SDA headquarters owes significant funds, a little more than 30,000 BAM, to the Service for Joint Affairs of the Federation of BiH.

Immediately behind the SDA, in terms of the amount of debt as of last year, is the SDP BiH, which showed unpaid obligations in the amount of 1.5 million BAM. This party owes the most to the company “Analytics expert”, 230,000 BAM, and it is interesting that this company in Croatia is suspected of money laundering.

In addition, SDP and the company “Metromedia” owe almost 190,000 BAM, while on the basis of the loan to the company “Robot general trading” it owes 100,000 BAM, and the company “Europlakat” should pay a little more than 45,000 BAM.

In third place in terms of debt is the SDS, which has a debt of more than 673,000 BAM. This largest opposition party in Republika Srpska owes the most on the basis of salaries and contributions, 90,000 BAM, and a little less, more precisely 74,000 BAM, is owed to BN TV, while they also have larger debts to the company “Metromedia”, 23,000 BAM.

Democratic Front (DF) also has a significant debt, 648,000 BAM, with only one company, ie “Ascanius media”, owing 579,458 BAM as of last year. PDP also owes more than half a million BAM, and the city of Doboj demands the most from that party, 109,000 BAM, while they owe 36,000 BAM to BN TV and 28,000 BAM to the company “Metromedia”.

When it comes to the World Cup, as of the end of last year, they owed 324,000 BAM, with a little more than 80,000 BAM owed to the company “November 6” from Zvornik, and it is interesting that the company is owned by Jakov Galic, MP of this parties in the BiH Parliament and the former director of the PE “Forests of Republika Srpska”.

Immediately behind the SP on the list of the biggest debtors is the HDZ, which owes 309,000 BAM, with 44,000 BAM owed to its employees on the basis of salaries, followed by SBB BiH, which owed 305,000 BAM by 2020, and owed the most Graphic publishing company OKO, 104,000 BAM, which ismajority-ownedd by the company “Avaz”.

Based on the lease of the premises, SBB BiH owed 44,000 KM. Of the larger parties in BiH, SNSD owes the least, 273,321 KM, of which they owed 87,000 KM on the basis of obligations for employees’ salaries at the end of 2020, while the company “Nova oprema” owes about 50,000 KM for the lease of advertising space, Nezavisne writes.

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