Immunization of Special Categories of Population continues Today in Sarajevo

According to the information from the Vaccination Center from the Juan Antonio Samaranch Olympic Hall (Zetra), all persons invited for yesterday were immunized by 10 o’clock. 

For today, there are still 60 doses left for the remaining hemodialysis and persons with transplanted organs, which will complete the immunization of the CS population until the arrival of a new shipment of vaccines. 

Due to the smaller number of remaining doses, today, ie on Friday, Zetra will work only in the first shift from 8.00 to 14.00. 

Vaccination of special categories of the population according to the recommendations of the Public Health Institute of CS, older than 75 years, hemodialysis and persons with transplanted organs, then adult patients with Down syndrome, chronic patients and persons suffering from rare diseases began on Monday, May 10. 

Of the available 5,282 doses, 803 were vaccinated on the first day, 2,337 on the second, and 1,896 yesterday. Today, 186 people have been vaccinated. From Monday, May 17, in Zetra, the vaccination of employees of the Ministry of Security of BiH and security agencies of Bosnia and Herzegovina who receive vaccines from the donation of the Republic of Turkey will be continued.

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