Amra Hasimbegovic: Successful BH Story is continuing!

amraBusiness Café is a unique business event that brings together entrepreneurs from B&H and promotes successful business stories, provides an opportunity for informal networking as a great way of promoting negotiating of cooperation. Conversation is the foundation of communication, and when foundations were well-placed then it is possible to make high-quality and successful, in this case, business ventures.

Business Café could exactly be called a good foundation, because it offers the possibility of establishment and realization of a number of contacts with various business entities. From the point of view of Amra Hasimbegović, the Director of Global Market Solutions, the agency responsible for the organization of Business Café, and as a person who has personally contributed to the creation and promotion of this well-known business event (the ninth Business Café will be held on September 22nd at the usual location – the Atrium Hall of the Hotel Europe), it seems that BH economy has a great chance to learn from its own “mistakes” and that the key to the success of the local economy is precisely in communication and exchange of knowledge.

NV: For the beginning, can you briefly explain to the readers who are not familiar with the idea of Business Caféa, what is that and what are the objectives of the project?

Business Café, or BC, represents a unique business event with the aim of promoting successful business stories in B&H and motivating managers, entrepreneurs that success is achievable on our market as well, despite of complicated political-economical environment.

NV: To which extent this event advances from year to year?

GMS is organizing this event for the second consecutive year. Of course, as everything that the young team of GMS did so far, this time as well the improvement and certain modifications when it comes to an event of this kind are not lacking. Last year, the GMS agency hosted one speaker per each BC, actually one BH company with respectable business results per BC. This year, we are planning a little modification: to enrich the BC with more speakers, i.e. with more companies as successful business stories. Already at the next BC, which is scheduled for September 22nd, we will listen to inspirational business stories of the companies “GS Machine Factory Travnik” and “Daccomet”, the Swiss company which is a partner of IKEA.

NV: To which extent have the intentions on connecting domestic entrepreneurs through the BC been met and were these gatherings fruitful in terms of positive business stories?

Given that this is a unique event at which each participant can reach the guest speaker without a problem, meet him, arrange a meeting, exchange contacts, it is different from other business events already in the concept itself. By this I am not diminishing the importance of other business events which regularly occur in B&H: I only want to emphasize what makes the BC unique.

NV: Who are the planned speakers for the coming BC and what will be in the focus of future gatherings?

As I already mentioned, we will be learning from renowned companies at the coming BC. This time, we are hosting the Director of the company “GS” Snjezana Kopruner, and the owner of the company “Daccomet”, Edin Dacic.

NV: What will be in the focus of the agency Global Market Solutions in 2015? Is there a specific field on which you will be especially focused?

Since the beginning of our work, the main focus is the quality of service, the excellence of business we are doing, and we want to remain consistent in those. Global Market Solutions is intensively working on expanding the services in this year. Of course, thoroughly and professionally, so as not to lose the trust of our clients.


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