An interesting Story of a Bosnian who persuaded H&M to double their Workers’ Salaries

The proof for the fact that Bosnians achieved large business success in different fields in Sweden is Sasa Beslic, a Bosnian born in Zenica. He is one of the most important professionals in the field of sustainable investment and management, and not only in Sweden but worldwide.

He is the man who made H & M, Swedish giant in the field of fashion clothes, to double the salaries of its workers in Bangladesh, in order to secure revenues in accordance with their needs. It is a man who is ready to break the multimillion project with Boeing if they refuse to comply with clauses on the ethical business operations of all producers.

Beslic said that a country, such as BiH, can and must be competitive and available for world investment with its economy and knowledge, but it has to come up with the right way to do it.

“Bosnians are very stubborn people, and they want to be the best in whatever they do, and thus they are appreciated and respected everywhere in the world. We showed that we are constructive, realistic and hard working long time ago. With some good will of the government to keep all of that knowledge inside the borders, and to give those people all the necessary means to earn the money and realize their ideas, the ideal conditions for the life of all BH citizens will be created, as well as better conditions for all those who want to invest in this country. Therefore, BiH needs to adopt significant structural changes, especially through the fight against corruption, a lot more than it does now,” said Beslic.

Bosnians are not afraid of social contacts, he said, and we showed through history that we are not afraid of conflicts as well, and the most important is that we are not afraid of ourselves.

Beslic also added that we need to pay much more attention to strengthening and development of the private sector. This is possible only with a good will and large support of the state level, and thus the private sector will have much larger opportunities for development, which will lead to new workplaces, starting from smaller companies that have no chances to be competitive even in the region, to companies that are grouped by sectors and have much larger chances and advantages in the region, and thus we will give them an equal opportunity for development.

He also recalled that the EU has large expectations from BiH. The main thing in order to become one of its member stays are fundamental changes in a way that all of the politicians and regular citizens must create a different image of the future and believe in much better economic development.





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