An Investment brought Life and Hope back to a small Bosnian Town

Brick factory in the town of Bosansko Grahovo, which did not work for years, re-started its production.

This was confirmed by the mayor of the municipality, Dusko Radun. They will work continuously in three shifts, they will employ 50 workers, and the investor is company Trio Trade from Aleksandrovac.

“The opening of a brick factory literally means life. With this opening and employment of about 50 workers, Bosansko Grahovo will start the path of recovery and it will give an example to other investors that we are a local community that can finally offer all of its wealth to investment, and thus we are developing as well,” noted Radun.

Bosansko Grahovo, besides the opening of the brick factory “Brick”, achieved a lot of success in recent years as well, according to Radun.

The owner of the company Trio Trade, Mile Madzaric, noted that he is very satisfied with the fact that the brick factory started working after ten years, as well as the fact that they will employ certain number of people.

He also added that the production will be conducted in Bosansko Grahovo, and the sale of brick, except in BiH, will be directed towards Croatia and Montenegro.

According to Madzaric, the bricks will have the same old and well-known quality.


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