An unkown Substance spilled from ArcelorMittal Company in River Bosna

Due to the malfunction of BHB filters in the ArcelorMittal compay in Zenica, an unknown substance was spilled in the river Bosna around  16:30 o’clock, was confirmed to Oslobodjenje by the Cantonal Water Inspector Nijaz Macak.

He said this was not the first time that these filters are cracked, and the Federal Inspectorate, which is responsible for overseeing the river Bosna, has been informed about everything.

As the reader from Zavidovici city told Oslobodjenje, the river Bosna has a strange rust color, and considering that there was no precipitation yesterday, he suspected that it was a leak from ArcerolMittal.

Reporters had also checked the color of the river Bosna upstream of the ironworks where it turned out that the river has a natural greenish color.

Zenica fishermen who wanted to remain anonymous claim that it is not about cracking the filters, but that the substance come out of the plant because it is the cheapest for the company to clean it in that way.

Why the company has not yet gave response, is unknown, but this is expected to happen during the day.

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