High School Students from BiH are socializing to break Prejudices

The team of the Association of high school students in BiH organized the project “Krajisko Summer”, which gathered 40 high school students from several BH cities, and main aim of this event is to break the stereotypes of “other” and “different” through numerous workshops, educational activities and mutual gatherings.

The project is realized for the fourth consecutive year, according to Arslan Arnautovic, the project coordinator, and this year’s topic is the departure and stay of young people in BiH, which is one of the most current problems in our country.

“We decided to invest the greatest efforts and discussions in this direction in order to find some solutions, and around 40 high school students from BiH took part in this project. This is a great opportunity for some new friendships and breaking prejudices through education, because high school students from all over BiH, who are of other ethnicities or religions, will be staying in our houses,” stated Arnautovic.

Melisa Klicic, a student from Cazin and participant of this project, hosted a colleague from Bosanski Petrovac.

“She will spend seven days with me, she will be staying with my family, sleepover, and all of that is very interesting and exciting. We are here to learn something new while having a lot of fun,” said Klicic.

“This project offers great opportunities for young people from the FBiH and the RS to hang out together and create new friendships. Moreover, it also has a tourist character, since we had the opportunity to visit and see the natural and cultural beauty of Cazin, as well as the surrounding cities of Krajina,” said Azur Maketic from Tuzla.

“The atmosphere in the camp simply exceeded all of our expectations and it gives us motivation to continue working on this and continue dealing with youth policy in BiH. I think that these projects and gatherings of young people are the best way for people to get to know each other, because new friendships can be created only through getting to know each other,” said Valerija Blagojevic, the President of the Association of high school students in BiH.

The fourth “Krajisko Summer” will last from August 7 to 13, and partners of this project are the Fund of Social Day, the City of Cazin and several local donors.

(Source: M. C./Klix.ba)






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