Ana Brnabic, first Woman nominated for Serbia’s PM

ana brnabicBELGRADE, June 15 (Xinhua) — Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vucic on Thursday signed a decree nominating Ana Brnabic, incumbent minister of Public Administration and Local Self-government, for the post of the future prime minister.
Speaking at a press conference in the building of the presidency, Vucic, who resigned from the prime minister post on May 31 due to taking over presidential duty after winning April 2 presidential elections, said he proposes to the National Assembly of Serbia that Brnabic receives a mandate to form the new government.

According to the website of the ministry, Brnabic, born in Belgrade in 1975, boasts a marketing expert by profession with an MBA diploma in marketing from University of Hull in Britain. She is going to become the first woman at the helm of the Serbian government in the country’s history.
“I think that Ana Brnabic has both the professional and personal qualities to perform well as PM and that she will work hard. I believe that she will show respect towards political parties who are expected to support her and that she will work together with other ministers to achieve well-being for Serbia,” Vucic said, explaining his decision.
Government of Serbia with Vucic as PM was elected in August 2016, after snap elections earlier that year.

Vucic, who was the prime minister from 2014-2017, said that the future government will need to make progress on the path of the country’s European integration along with advancing relations with other countries worldwide.

“It is important to strengthen Serbia’s reputation among the international community in the West and the East, on the path of European integration, which is the strategic objective of Serbia, as well as in its relations with Russia, China, the United States, Arabic countries as well as other countries and nations around the world,” Vucic said.

Radio and Television of Serbia reported that Brnabic will hold a speech in front of the parliament on June 21, revealing the program of the new government, while the ministers will be sworn in on the following day, June 22, after the new government is elected by the parliament.


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