Domestic AS Group continues to export to Countries in the Region and Scandinavia

AS GROUP in Hungary novovrijeme.baAfter the company AC Food, a member of the AS Group from the city of Tesanj in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), bought a part of Agrokomerc company, export has already been agreed for several countries.

At the moment there are 115 people employed in this company, and the first tow with products was shipped to Scandinavia. By agreement reached on June 1st, AC Food company continued the production of petit biscuits, chocolates, mayonnaise and ketchup. They also took over all 85 workers, and with the opening of the regional center of Klas company, they hired twenty additional workers.

“Currently, there are 115 people working in our company and by the end of the year, we plan to enable the production of soups and to employ 15 more people,” said Smail Korajlic from AS Group.

A plan is the further expanding and exports to countries in the region, Scandinavia and the world.

“We agreed to deliver one tow to Sweden, followed by several to Macedonia, and we are in intensive talks with Montenegro, Albania and Serbia,” Korajlic added.

Moreover, the company will engage in production of four new types of chocolate, but it is too early to tell what chocolate will be.

For about six months after the takeover of the previous company, they expect an increase in sales capacity, as well as the number of articles and employees.

(Source: ekapija)

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