Analysis: Employment of Foreigners in BiH

The Council of Ministers of BiH, on the proposal of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, adopted an annual report on the realization of decisions that are related to the quota of work permits for employment of foreign nationals in BiH in 2017.

A total of 2,593 permits were issued, which is by 1.33 % less than in the year of 2016.

Most of the foreigners working in BiH are from Serbia (26.19 %), Turkey (14.58 %), Croatia (6.25 %), China (5.01 %) and Kuwait (4.24 %).

The largest increase in the number of issued work permits in the total amount of 66.04 % in comparison to the previous year was registered among citizens of Egypt, while the largest decrease (23.98 %) was recorded among citizens of China.

The highest number of work permits in the year of 2017 was issued in the sector of trade, a total of 616 of them (23.80 %), 312 in the processing industry (14.30 %), 306 in the real estate sector (11.80 %) and 236 in education (9.10 %).

Occupancy rate of quota for the total number of issued work permits that were issued to foreign nationals, in comparison to the quota in 2017, is 55 %, while in the year of 2016 it amounted to 67 %.

The share of the annual number of employed foreigners in relation to the average number of employed persons in BiH was between 0.3 % and 0.4 % in the last five years, which shows that the employment of foreign labour force has no quantitative impact on the labour market in our country.



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