Analysis: Significant Increase in Tourists’ Arrivals in BiH

According to statistics, better days for tourism seem to be coming. There has been a significant increase in the number of tourists.

The number of visits and overnight stays increased by about 50% compared to the pandemic 2020, the exceptions, of course, were January and February, because the previous year at that time there was no talk of lock down, and these were obviously, somehow , measures respected.

During the last year, a total of 498 thousand 90 tourists visited our country, and by June this year already 328 thousand 624. Compared to last year’s 212 thousand visits until June, this year there was an increase of 54.4%. The largest number of visits were made by tourists from Serbia, Croatia and the United Arab Emirates, which is a constant in the last five years. One million and almost 236 thousand tourists spent the night here last year, while this year there was an increase of 49.5%, due to the mitigation of measures to combat coronavirus.

In the first half of last year, 130 thousand and 40 tourists visited the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, while in the same period, as many as 203 thousand visits were recorded. In Republika Srpska, there was an increase compared to 2020, because during the last year, RS was visited by almost 2 hundred thousand tourists, of which in the first half 77 thousand and 440. This, as early as June, as many as 122 thousand 153. Brcko District recorded data until April and an increase in the number of visits was recorded in March and April compared to the previous year.

If the situation remains stable, improvements are expected to continue, and the number of visits will be at least doubled. What may be a problem is the spread of a new wave of coronavirus and the re-enactment of restrictive measures.

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