Analysis: Will the Credit Rating of BiH increase in near Future?

The Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina was brief on the Analysis of Sustainability of the Public Debt of BiH, which states that BiH is a country with a sustainable public debt in the medium-term.

The Ministry of Finances and Treasure prepared the Analysis with technical assistance from the World Bank, using a methodology which was developed by the International Monetary Fund.

This Analysis assumes that the credit rating of BiH won’t be decreasing in the medium period and that there won’t be significant increases in the referent interest rates and exchange rates.

It is expected that the Central Bank will continue maintaining monetary stability in accordance with the arrangement from the currency board and in accordance with the provisions of the Law on the Central Bank of BiH. It is also expected that there won’t be any significant delays in implementation of the projects which are financed or are planned to be financed by outside sources.

The analysis grades the existing condition of the public debt of BiH, provides a projection of its development in the future, and defines main risks that can impact the sustainability of the debt in the medium-term.



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