Ancel: We said a historical Lie in 1995!



Almost 23 years after the end of the war in BiH, the role of the International community on the territory of the former Yugoslavia in that period is still questioned.

This International community played a major role in the collapse of the socialist Yugoslav bloc. Its strongest members were the UK, France and the United States.

The most controversial was the role of France in the war in BiH.

A number of documents, books and confessions are a proof for this. Florence Hartmann, a journalist and writer, explains the dynamics of the foreign policy of great powers that influenced the fate of the enclaves of eastern Bosnia in her book ” The Srebrenica Affair: The Blood of Realpolitik”. Based on the quotations of the direct actors of events, it offers an irresistible and objective demonstration of the degree of responsibility of great forces, especially France, in the crime of genocide that happened right before their eyes.

The same French politics was used in regard of the capital city of BiH, according to latest confessions. One such confession was given by the officer of the French battalion of the UN forces in BiH in 1995.

Guillaume Ancel for the first time publicly testified the ambiguity of French politics during the conflict in BiH in his book, ” Vent Glacial Sur Sarajevo (Ice wind over the Sarajevo)”. He said that he lost 18 of his people in the attacks from Serb side and inability to intervene.

After giving military honors to the soldiers of UNPROFOR, he never spoke about the concrete cause of their death in details.

Whose co-responsibility is more than 100,000 people killed and over two million misplaced persons in BiH?

“If the human community, or some of the communities of the states that were created by the Europeans, ever show, and they will have to show, the interest in the truth about its role and the truth about what it has brought to the people of BiH, then it will not be possible to evade condemnation of such immorality and cynicism of politics whose protagonists were Francois Mitterrand, John Major, Boutros Boutros Ghali and their associates and heirs, until the end of the war,” wrote Muhamed Filipovic (“The Issue of Responsibility for the War in BiH 1992- 1996 “).

(Source: Ika Ferrer Gotic/N1)

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