Anniversary of the Beginning of Dissolution of the Concentration Camp Manjaca marked

manjacaThe anniversary of the beginning of the dissolution of the concentration camp Manjaca was marked in the organization of the Association of Detainees B&H, the Regional Alliance of Banja Luka, the Association of Camp Inmates of Sanski Most and the Association of War Camp Detainees Kljuc.

President of the Association of Detainees B&H Jasmin Meskovic said that concentration camp Manjaca was established at the military polygon in Banja Luka in 1991, where Croats from the battlefields in Croatia were detained.

After start of the aggression on B&H, this camp was enabled for admission of detainees of Bosniak and Croatian nationality from the nearby municipality of Sanski Most, Kljuc, Prijedor, Kotor Varos, Doboj and many other.

“Detainees were held in inhumane and animal conditions in Manjaca, in the stables that were previously used for animals. They were beaten and tortured every day, and they were given the amount of food and water that was barely sufficient for biological survival, while they were forced to forced labor as well,” emphasized Meskovic.

Also, a large number of detainees was brutally killed in that prison, and the mass graves with the bodies of killed were found as part of this polygon. About 5,000 detainees, civilians, Bosniaks and Croats went through the camp.

(Source: novovrijeme.ba)


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