Mourning Day in FB&H on Monday, Minute of Silence at Noon

Mourning Day biscani.netAt urgent, phone-held session, the Government of FB&H reached a Decision on declaring Monday, November 16, 2015, the Mourning Day in the FB&H.

In this way, the FB&H expresses regret and condolences with the French people after a series of terrorist attacks in Paris and killing of innocent people, it was announced.

The Mourning Day is marked with obligatory display of the flag of B&H at half-mast at the buildings of the Government of FB&H and the institutions of FB&H.

Programs of cultural and entertaining character cannot be held at public places in FB&H during the Mourning Day.

Media houses at the territory of FB&H are obliged to adjust and adapt their program contents to the Mourning Day, states the Decision by the Government of FB&H.

Government of FB&H invites the citizens to pay tribute to the victims of terrorist attacks in Paris on the Mourning Day at 12 a.m. with a minute of silence, a prayer, or in any other appropriate way, just like the citizens of all European countries will do.

As a sign of mourning for the killed in these terrorist attacks, flags have been lowered at half-mast in front of the headquarters of the Government of FB&H in Sarajevo and Mostar, announced the Government of FB&H.

(Source: klix.ba)

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