Anonymous Man paid all Debt Pensioners had in Pharmacy in Maglaj

On Wednesday, an anonymous man young man arrived in the pharmacy in the city of Maglaj, in order to pay the debt of one of the retirees who took the medicine but did not have enough money to pay for it. However, the anonymous man decided to pay off all the debts of the pensioner in that pharmacy which amounted to some 400 BAM.

This positive story was shared by the Aldin Kajmakovic who testified this. In the status he shared on the social network, Kajmakovic stated that when he entered the pharmacy, he saw an older man, a pensioner who asked the worker can he get the medicine which he will pay when he gets the pension.

The anonymous man asked the pharmacist if the old man has some debt, on what she answered that he has and that she generally gives medicines to pensioners and waits when they have money to pay.

A man asked the pharmacist to collect all the debts pensioners have, which was around 400 BAM. The pharmacist started to cry because she could not believe such positive things are happening nowadays.


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