Appointment of New Ministers in the Government of CS tomorrow

assembly ksAt today’s session, the Collegium of the Canton Sarajevo Assembly supported the request of a representative of the Caucus of SDA in the Assembly of CS and scheduled emergency session of the Assembly of CS for tomorrow, Tuesday the 24th of November, starting at 9 a.m.

At tomorrow’s emergency session of the Assembly of CS new ministers from SBB will be appointed, thus officially forming a new coalition at the level of CS.

Sejo Bukva, the current Chairman of the Assembly of CS, confirmed that tomorrow’s session will have only 3 items on its agenda.

“The first item is that Ana Babic (SBB) is proposed in the management of the Assembly of CS. The second point is the change of the Rules of Procedure of the Assembly of CS and the third point is the reconstruction of the Government of CS,” said Bukva.

Bukva notes that most likely he will step down as the Chairman of the Assembly of CS and Ana Babic will most probably be elected on his place.

“I think that whoever is in the Government should have the Chairman as well. Since DF will no longer be part of the government, it is logical that I will not be the Chairman anymore,” said Bukva.

Proposed candidates from SBB for ministers are: Mirvad Kuric for the Ministry of Culture and Sports, Mario Nenadic for the Ministry of Justice, Ismir Jusko for the Ministry of Interior, Amela Dautbegovic for the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, Displaced Persons and Refugees and Zilha Ademaj for the Ministry of Health.

(Source: klix.ba)

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