“Arix” on shelves in B&H from 15th of December

arix2Reconstruction of the steam pipeline from TPP Tuzla to detergents factory “Dita” Tuzla has been officially completed. The steam should be released into system as early as on Friday, the 28th of November, thus the production of powder detergent Arix should start at the beginning of next week. According to the president of the Union Dita Tuzla, the first quantities of Arix should be found in major shopping malls from the 15th of December, reports RTV TK.

Works on the reconstruction of the steam pipeline lasted for a month. For the employees of “Dita,” releasing of the steam to the factory means start of production of powder detergent.

Meeting with representatives of the retail chain “Bingo” was held, and it will continue to support production in the factory.

Workers of detergent factory “Dita” Tuzla, will start with the production of powder detergent next week. They are returning to the old – good, proven recipe, stated Mehmedovic.


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