Art exhibition ‘Breške’ opened in gallery of the St. Anthony Church in Sarajevo

71415539Croat Cultural Association ‘Napredak’, as a part of the event ‘Days of Sarajevo Canton’ has organised art exhibition ‘Breške’ which is set in the small gallery of St. Anthony Church in Sarajevo, reports Fena.

The exhibition of art from art colony ‘Breške’ was opened by president of Art Association of ‘Napredak’ Snježana Idrizović, and she noted that during the colony many valuable paintings were created.

Idrizović said that all works exhibited show the maturity and abundance of style and also show original beauty, leaving the noble trace of their mission and professional work.

Twenty seven paintings and one sculpture were presented at the exhibition which will close on 13 May.

(photo: panoramio)

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