Art performance ”Ambrosia colors” at SKC ”Skenderija” Sarajevo

On Thursday, the 14th of February at CeKA Charlama (SCK ”Skenderija”), Cultural Association ”Ambrosia” from Sarajevo will present their art performance ”Four colors” on the 18th  anniversary of their work and existence. ”Ambrosia colors” is a performance with which Amrosia presents the evocation of Arthur Rimbaud’s ”Voyelles”. ”Voyelles” contextualized through the installation at the Gallery Charlama embodies a colored presentation of a detextualized spatiality. Following Rimbaud in his transgression of poetic one-dimensionality, the absence and presence of colors, light, fluids, shapes and sound and through the game of artistic construction they create the atmosphere of cognitive questioning of a ritualized everyday situation, dominated by the one-dimensionality of labeling as a denial of plurality.

This performance also questions the ideas of identity or the identity itself and interprets the metaphor of possibilities of a presentation of basic principles of Ambrosia’s existence. In this art performance Elvir Šahić, Igor Banjac, Ognjen Šavija, Nebojša Šavija- Valha and Pierre Courtin will enact colors. This interesting art performance starts at 19:00 p.m.

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