Artist from Gracanica makes incredibly realistic Portraits (gallery)

[wzslider autoplay=”true”]Incredibly realistic portraits of famous figures are the work of Semir Osmanhodžić from Gracanica who shared his life story with us.

After finishing the Secondary School of Economics, he had no idea that he would turn to art. After high school he paused for five years trying to find his life path and realized that art was his life.

Although he did not immediately manage to enrol into the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo, he was not discouraged, and he patiently waited for his opportunity. He graduated from the Education Department in June 2015 and then organized his first solo exhibition at the Raiffeisen Gallery in Sarajevo.

I used to draw before but I couldn’t even imagine that I would enter the Academy of Arts and make a living out of it. Unlike other universities, Academy offers a lot to learn if you are ready to learn, because it provides a lot of practical work and professors are willing to provide knowledge”, said Semir.

He makes his future plans from exhibition to exhibition, and says: “We will see what future holds for me and whether I will have this luck to get into the society of high art. Until then my aim is to resist present challenges and produce high-quality works of art.”

(Source: photo facebook)

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