Association calls for a Law Banning Genocide Denial

The Association of Genocide Victims and Witnesses and the Association of the Mother Movement of the Srebrenica and Zepa enclaves expressed full support for High Representative Valentin Inzko on what has been done so far, and called on him to promulgate a law banning genocide denial.

Following the work of the High Representative in BiH, from his arrival until today, as stated by these associations, the persistence and continuity of calling out all those who destroyed the constitutional order of BiH must be emphasized.

All the High Representative’s reports to the UN Security Council have caused real panic among genocide deniers. They did not hesitate to call Valentin Inzko derogatory names, to call him a criminal.

”Unfortunately, the support of the international community was lacking in the previous period, so Inzko did not have the support to make stronger decisions. There has been significant support from the international community recently. It is obvious that the strong reports to the Security Council have reached the decision-makers,” they point out from these associations.

The removal of the plaque from the student dormitory in Pale, the request to the RS Assembly to revoke the convictions of convicted war criminals and finally the support of the UN Secretary General are, in the opinion of these associations, a sufficient sign that the time has come prohibition of genocide denial.

That, they say, would certainly be the greatest result of the work of the High Representative in BiH.

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