Association of Innovators in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Five medals for Bosnian innovators on the Kuwait International Innovations Fair

Five -member team of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which presented four innovations, was awarded with five medals at the last night’s closing ceremony of the Fifth International Innovations Fair in Kuwait.

The gold medals went to Zdravko Bosnić from Banja Luka for the innovation of ” hydro turbine with paddle on the endless track” and for another Banja Luka innovator Zlatan Karabegović for the ”automat for prepaid cards” and to two Sarajevo innovators Nijaz and Mirza Banjanović for the ” 100% voltage regulation”.

The silver medal went to Branko Miladinović for ” electronic traffic cop”. It is an impressive success to win three gold, one silver and a special award of recognition from the colleagues of the Association of Innovators ” Russian House” only for four innovation presented at the Fifth International Innovations Fair .

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