Attaché for culture of Slovenia visited Jajce

Attaché for culture of the Embassy of Slovenia in BIH Matija Bučar visited Jajce and met with head of Jajce Municipality Edin Hozan. During his visit to Jajce Bučar visited the Museum of Second AVNOJ Assembly and expressed his interest that the exhibition of Božidar Jakac goes to Slovenia to be exhibited.

Bučar said that it would be an opportunity of cultural exchange, and added that Jajce is a well-known tourist destination of Slovenians.

Hozan thanked Bučar and the Embassy of Slovenia for promoting tourism of Jajce and added that guest from Slovenia are the most numerous tourists that visit Jajce.

Hozan also said that he welcomes the initiative that the exhibition of Božidar Jakac goes to Slovenia.

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