Famosu Play “Audition” to start with the Tour of the Region, Europe and Australia

The famous play “Audition”, which broke all the records 33 years ago and is equally popular today, will start its tour on the February 10.

They will open their tour in Bihac, after which they will be in Cazin on February 11, and then they will travel to Germany. The audience of Dusseldorf, Frankfurt and Stuttgart will have the opportunity to watch famous actors in the period from February 16 to 18, and they will be in Hannover, Berlin and Hamburg in the period from February 23 to 25.

“Audition” will also visit the following BH cities: Gracanica (30.3.), Tesanj (31.3.), Gorazde (1.4.), Mostar (7.4.) and Banja Luka (18.5.).

They will also visit Slovenia, and the audience will have the opportunity to watch them in Jesenica on April 26. Moreover, they will play in the Austrian cities of Graz, Linz and Innsbruck in the period from April 27 to 29.

They will be performing in Denmark (Horsens) on May 10, and Copenhagen on May 11, and they will be in the capital of Norway, Oslo, on May 12.

The team of “Audition” will go to New Zealand (Auckland) and Australia (Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth), where they will have shows in the period from May 23, to June 1.

After 33 years, the audience in all the aforementioned countries will have the opportunity to watch again Simonida Puhalo, Majk Kjajevic, Mima Sis, Roki, Caki, Bogoljub Saulic, Mustafa Sudzuka, Davor Stevanovic and a professor.

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